Prayer Ministry

Prayer is simply talking with God.

The Prayer Ministry meets for prayer every Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:00pm in the Nursery Classroom.

Pray the hardest when it’s hard to pray!

The basic principle of prayer is to communicate with God.  Talking with the Father brings His presence in our lives.  


  • Praying basically comes down to discipline.
  • Don’t just talk about prayer….pray.  Setting aside time is the most important place to begin in developing your prayer life.  Make an appointment with God.  If it’s not on your schedule, you are more likely to put if off.  Make it a priority!
  • Create an environment to pray.  Choose a quiet place away from distractions to pray.
  • Prepare your heart and mind.  When you don’t know how to pray about a situation or how to pray over someone, ask God for the insight and understanding.
  • Pace yourself.  Start with 15 minutes a day.  We emphasize quality not quantity.
  • Be specific.  If you pray a generic prayer, you will get a generic answer.  Such as, “God bless Tom.”  versus…”God bless Tom with the job he needs.”   The more specific you are the more specific your answer will be.

Keep a prayer journal.  Record the prayers God has answered.  The list can then be used during prayer for a time of reflection and thanksgiving.


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